Can YOU find the nymphal deer tick?

January 12, 2017

TickSmart "To-Do" List for May

  • Spray all outdoor shoes with Permethrin
  • Make sure pets are protected
  • Have yard treated with effective tick killers
  • Be especially vigilant about doing daily tick checks
  • Send off kids' camp clothes to be treated

Ticks the size of poppy seeds, loaded with pathogens that can make you sick. Oh, my!

Right about now, we bet you're thinking "it's going to be a long summer." Wondering how you're gonna find them? Where to look? What to do if you do find one biting? Don't despair! May is the time to Get TickSmart.

First, REVIEW our "Top 10 Things Everyone Should Know About Ticks These Days".  Understand the "enemy" - all ticks crawl up - and you'll better appreciate how the best tick bite protection starts from the ground up.

Next, PURCHASE some permethrin clothing repellent spray and treat all the shoes your family might wear in tick habitat on the first of every month, May - August. In one study, permethrin treated shoes provided 74 times the nymphal deer tick bite protection over untreated shoes. The spray doesn't stain or smell when dry so the family doesn't even have to know you've protected them.