Tick Notes

Can YOU find the nymphal deer tick?

Right about now, we bet you're thinking "it's going to be a long summer." Wondering how you're gonna find them? Where to look? What to do if you do find one biting? Don't despair! May is the time to Get TickSmart.

There Are Two Types Of Ticks On Your Dog or Cat

It’s a fact! Ticks on pets come in two varieties, attached and feeding or loose and wandering. This, of course, is in addition to the ticks being different species or in various lifestages. If there’s any good news in this story, it’s that ticks already attached and feeding on your pet ...

Ticks definitely don't swim!

Here's a question we get occasionally: Can ticks swim or do they drown?

Do You Have Christmas Tree "TICKS"?

Maybe one of these is your story... "This past week we brought our Christmas tree inside and...
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